Be a HERO. Be a Designated Driver.
Preseason Game 1 August 11, 2011

The New England Patriots kicked off the 2011 preseason against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Thursday at Gillette Stadium!

The night was a huge success - not only did the Patriots beat the Jaguars 47-12, but 1,904 Pats fans pledged to be designated drivers! We would like to thank the Patriots fans who pledged to buckle up, never drink and drive, and never provide alcohol to minors and we encourage all fans to do the same at all 2011 home games!

We are THRILLED that we have the BEST, most loyal and most dependable fans in the NFL. We absolutely need your help during the Playoffs, so please return to the designated driver booths on Thursday, Sept 1st and make the pledge again! Every pledge counts!

Congratulations to Robin Kraiterman for being our Designated Driver of the Game. Robin enjoyed a pre-game field visit during team warm-ups with her three friends. Each time one of our fans makes the pledge to be a designated driver, he or she increases his or her chances of experiencing a once-and-a-lifetime opportunity, such as a pre-game field visit. Responsibility has its rewards!

Remember to sign up at any of our designated-driver locations:

  • Each of the stadium gates
  • Guest Service Booths at the 50 yard lines on the 100 and 300 level concourses
  • Each Concierge Booth in the Putnam Club

At the end of the season, one fan, the Patriots Designated Driver for the Season, will be the Honorary Team Captain and join the Patriots captains for the coin toss on the 50-yard-line to start the final home game of the season on January 1, 2012. The Patriots Designated Driver for the Season will also receive an autographed Patriots helmet and have a chance to follow the Patriots to Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN on February 5, 2012. At Gillette Stadium this season, there is no doubt that Responsibility Has Its Rewards.

Click here to view the Patriots Public Service Announcement for the designated-driver program at Gillette Stadium.

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