Be a HERO. Be a Designated Driver.
Regular Season Game 2 September 27, 2009

Game Two of the regular season for the Patriots was a strong victory over the Atlanta Falcons. The final score was 26 to 10.

The designated-driver program also enjoyed a strong victory. 1,566 Patriots fans pledged to be designated drivers. That's more than 600 more designated drivers than our last home game, a 67% increase in participation. Well done Patriots fans! Thank you for making the pledge to be HEROS - Designated Drivers - and promising to to not drink alcohol at the game and make sure their friends and family get home safely from the game.

Please plan to be a designated driver at the Patriots next home game on October 4, 2009 when the Patriots take on the Baltimore Ravens at 1:00 PM. Help us break a record and have over 1,500 fans pledge to be a HERO!

Remember to sign up to be a HERO at any of our designated-driver locations:

  • Each of the stadium gates
  • Guest Service Booths at the 50 yard lines on the 100 and 300 level concourses
  • Each Concierge Booth in the Fidelity Investments Clubhouse

At the end of the season, one fan, the Patriots Designated Driver for the Season, will be the Honorary Team Captain and join the Patriots captains for the coin toss on the 50-yard-line to start the final home game of the season on December 27, 2009. The Patriots Designated Driver for the Season will also receive an autographed Patriots helmet and have a chance to follow the Patriots to Super Bowl XLIV at Dolphin Stadium in Miami, Florida on February 7, 2010. At Gillette Stadium this season, there is no doubt that Responsibility Has Its Rewards.

Click here to view the Patriots Public Service Announcement for the designated-driver program at Gillette Stadium.

Patriots fans pledge to be designated drivers at the Regular Season home opener on September 14th vs. the Buffalo Bills.

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